Community graphic designer

Throughout the years, my involvement in different communities has led me to want to do more every day. I consider myself a Community graphic designer.

What does that mean, exactly?

Simply that I want to create projects first and foremost for humans. I participate as much as possible in projects that convey an important message, raise awareness or support marginalized communities. My greatest pride is that 75% of my clients are Non-profits organizations or artists!

Samuel Alexis Communications offers services that meets your needs, adapted to your values and your budget.







My path

After a couple years in visual arts at College and University, I decided to turn to graphic design and business studies. Creativity being always present in my life, combined with my marketing interests and my desire to be my own boss, led me to start my own business a few months after graduating. 

I am starting my 7th year in this business that I cherish very much. It's important for me to be aligned with who I am, to surround myself with competant people, to choose amazing projects and discover lots of beautiful humans on my way!